Kim Kardashian baby name

Kim baby name was so unique to the present discussion. Now, show an unexpected given the name Kim and Kanye for pitching her baby. Who?

As reported by The Sun, the nurse at Kim expressed accidentally leaked the name of the baby. He mentioned that the baby was given the name Kaidence Donda West.

Apparently the couple finally decided to continue the family tradition of Kim. During this time, the prefix letter 'K' is always there in the name of women born in the Kardashian-Jenner family.

The baby's middle name is also clearly not without meaning. No other Donda is Kanye's mother's maiden name which some time ago has died of cancer.

kim baby name

Previously, a name such as North West and Donda West Georgia Kai could also appear. But the nurse mentioned that it could Kaidence name mentioned several times in the hospital.

Kim and Kanye's own party have not commented on this. What was the name of this child? See for later development news!